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We encourage electromobility with our complete solutions for recharging on the public recharging network. The recharging card and app let you enjoy your daily commute with complete peace of mind. The charging connection not only works reliably, but also effortlessly.

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Plug in and power up at over 180,000 charge stations across hundreds of roaming partners.

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Find charge points, see prices, real time availability and charge session history.

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Tap your card to start and pay for a charge at any point in the charge network.

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V2H, V2G: Repurposing your car’s electricity for domestic use

In the future, electricity stored in the battery of your electric vehicle will be able to be redistributed throughout your home, to power your lighting or run your household appliances. This could even be redistributed through the grid (Vehicle to Grid – V2G). While we’re not there yet, models and technologies are evolving rapidly and there is a wide range of advantages linked to this approach.

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